Friday, April 2, 2010

April 2: Murals in Philadelphia

I did not know that Philadelphia was considered the mural capital. Too bad we didn't realize it when we lived nearby!

There's an ongoing Mural Arts Program there that works with more than 100 communities a year to create murals that reflect the culture of the neighborhoods. There's data base that's dedicated to archiving locations and posting them:

Here are a few:

Title: Holding Grandmother's Quilt
Artist: Donald Gensler
Location: 3912 & 3932 Aspen St.

Title: Metamorphoris: Blueprint to End Homelessness
Artist: Josh Sarantitis
Location: 1360 Ridge Ave.

Started/Completed: 4/30/2001-9/29/2001

What I Think Is Interesting:
Community Art
Average people working with artists (?)
The Ongoing program & focus


Pinewoods Bird Festival
Thomasville, GA (about 6 hours south--not far from Valdosta)
Wonderful activities for amateur & advanced birders alike!
April 10

89 Annual Thomasville Rose Show & Festival
April 22 - April 24

Inman Park Festival
Atlanta's biggest Street Market, Live entertainment, Dance Festival, juried arts/crafts
April 24-April 25

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  1. I remember seeing the murals as wee drove through Philadelphia going to the art gallery and such. They were truly impressive.